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Related post: Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 20:27:51 -0700 From: Subject: Red 15Red by dnrock( 15: Paidi Nisi Adventures ContinuedAuthor's Note: In this chapter I have included some camping nudist preteen scholarship. These paragraphs are marked by square brackets [ ]. The reader is invited to read them if interested. The longer passages are at the end of the chapter.For ceremonial meetings of the society, everyone is dressed in very brief and revealing white toga and laurel wreaths are placed on their heads. These togas are shorter then the ones described earlier. For bathing or just using the place, the men and boys are naked. The pubescent boys are encouraged to shave or remove any non head body hair. The men must either be clean shaven or have beards that are, well trimmed and long enough to be soft. Except for a few mustaches, the men are all clean shaven. Most of the men trim their pubic hair, shave their butts and free nede preteens scrotums and some their whole bodies.Following the induction ceremony, there will be one hell of an orgy. This is one of the few non meal times the boys are allowed to drink wine or beer, but only in moderation. The supplicants or new members are fitted with special butt plugs, that swell with the body heat and dispense special pharmaceuticals, to stimulate pleasure and desire. So are all the regular members. In addition, the pubescent and older males are fitted with triangular shaped cock and scrotum rings.There are only two kinds of ceremonies, induction and pledging. Pledging is the declaration of a youth and man as lovers, as a man and boy couple. The boy pledges upskirt little preteen to refrain from sex with any other man and the man pledges to refrain from sex top preteen magazine with any other boy. Notice refrain, not eliminate. In a tight little society like this, group fidelity is paramount to couple fidelity. They are expected to put on a demonstration of their love and following that, during the orgy, a demonstration of their pledged fidelity.Tonight it is the induction of two boys. Technically Kos is a man since he is over 18, since the bbs preteen pussy rules are the same for both boys and men, pre teen anal no distinction will be made. After preparation in the vestibule, everyone troops into the hall. Russ and Kos are surrounded by the others and are invited to approach the shrine. With everyone chanting, a welcome to our brotherhood, each supplicant kisses the phallus and receives his laurel wreath. When they kiss the phallus, it quirts a precome tasting liquid into their mouths. This liquid contains several plant extracts. They then sit on high tripod stools, facing the audience.Thanos and Dem, acting as priests, give a brief sermon about the goals and nature of the society, allowing the drugs to take effect. They are reminded they do not worship Apollo but honor what he represents. They do worship the phallus and the ideals of masculinity and male bonding. That they were striving for something much greater than pleasure or the satisfaction of lust. The men see membership as a duty to the boys, in preparing them to take their place in society, as preteen body galleries men. Boys have an obligation to learn from the men and when they become men, teach those lessons to exclusive russian preteens boys. They are reminded of the strict secrecy connected with membership and each given their ring. Membership is totally voluntary and the member can resign but his vow of silence remains for ever.A few words about the new Ganymede/Zeus models pictures preteen shrine/statue/temple were spoken. Professor Albrech added a few words about the Ganymede Society, that Russ and Kos already belong to and how appropriate this ceremony is for them and all in attendance, that honoring of ideals are one in the same, between the Apollos and the Ganymedes.Two padded benches, are positioned in the center of the floor and each new member is welcomed, one at a time by the others. This welcoming sexfree videospreteens involve much kissing, hugging, fondling and the removal of the toga and butt plug. Then everyone else gets naked and the orgy begins. The goal is for every existing member, to welcome ever new member, by having some kind of sexual interaction with them.The old members divide themselves around the two supplicants. The brothers stand by Russ and most of the older men by Kos. By now the drugs have taken full effect. The attendants cover the inductee's and each other's bodies, with scented olive oil. One penetrates the anus with lubricant, followed by his phallus, another his soft preteen videos mouth and a third delivers oral pleasure, to his genitals, while the others move around giving encouragement and stimulation, to those delivering pleasure. As soon as one of the pleasure givers ejaculates, he is replaced models preteen mexican by a spare, after each one has ejaculated the teams rotate. The cock rings keep the members' members rock hard and ready for preteen models incest action. Once each new member has been fucked six times, the group reassembles for some refreshments and in some cases mild stimulants; and as much additional sex as they are capable of. After the refreshments, couples and threesomes form and reform until spent.Except for the younger boys, who are not small, this is one hung and physically fit group. nudist asian preteen The younger boys are preteens models jpg good sized for young boys but they still have lots of growing to do. ira preteen model Dem has calculated the individual mass of the males (not young boys) on this island, is about equal, independent of length. He assumed an average density. That is, the shorter ones, in the six to seven inch range (15-18 cm), seam to have a greater diameter. The volume is therefore about the same. Their is one exception. Elias's phallus is both long and thick, 28 cm (10.5 in) in length and 5 cm (2") thick. His is the only one that does not stick straight out but droops down a bit, due to a slight up curve it looks like it sticks out. Elias and Stavors are Pledged, so they take part but only having oral and anal sex, with each other.I was just thrilled by this, even more than at the Ganymede Society, since you get a ring aisan preteen pussy and you get to have sex with everyone else. I don't know what was in the legal preteens art lube they used but I know I was fucked about 10 times that night and was not even slightly tender the next morning. The one thing I came away with, was a sense of belonging; not just to a group but to a tradition, that has roots so far back, no one can even date it or tell when it got started.Anyway when we moved from the little alter place, down to the benches I was immediately surrounded by all the boys and a few of the men. Kos only by men. Each one of the boys welcomed me into their company, in the most loving and passionate way possible. I had no idea I could kiss that many lips russia preteen girls and suck that many cocks and still want more. preteen in pantes I know Elias and Stators only kissed and fondled me and Kos and I'm reasonably sure Dem and Thanos were the same. I also don't think everyone came either, the professor and graduate students did not stay past the opening and some of the men were on duty in the communications center and so on. That's Ok. I only wish dad had been here too. Maybe he would have shared himself with Kos and I, but he wasn't. I know he loves us and that's all that counts, isn't it.I thought the members of the Ganymedes and Club were a buff group but these men and boys were a cut above them. preteens video To a person they were physically fit, lean or muscled. preteen ilegal russian I would say this group would put any porn studio's stable to shame.Kos and I were constantly being surprised by the Papas brothers. We discovered, they all played some instrument or another and almost instantly two additional guitars were produced and we began jamming.By the end of the week, the old temple had been cleaned out and the unneeded stairs removed. Some of the false walls were also taken down but lots of that still remained. Once a couple of the columns on either side of the entry were exposed we knew exactly how many more were still behind the walls and exactly where they should be.Kos, Yannie and the art tutor, cleaned the statue. It was truly marvelous. It was a creamy white marble, very fine grained and almost no flaws or healed fractures. They told me, it was the famous Naxos marble. The carving was very detailed. One additional difference was the use of glass eyes for Zeus and Ganymede. The glass was a deep cobalt. Kos told me that. The art tutor told us, bronzes from the classical period often had glass eyes but the use of them in marble carvings, was very uncommon. I had learned in Athens, that often the statues were brightly painted. I doubt that this ever was, it showed no traces.True to his word, Thanos had contacted mother and she would be arriving on the island, along with dad and others on, Friday. That would be our 6th day here. In addition to my parents, many others were also due to arrive. Thanos was intending to use his Twin Otter to bring all of them from Athens and Paul was taking the Caravan, to bring back lots of additional supplies, several cooks, along with some additional officers for the Aphrodite.Kos and I were blown away by Stavors, that morning. He took sine notes and on the big white board, in the massive dining room, created what he called a critical path, it diagramed every activity for the next three days. Just what was being planned, began to make itself clear, as Stavors worked. Not only did he have a master plan and schedule but he was able to show a series of sub plans, that related to specific events. One of his conclusions was preteen free sexe not to fly but to sail the preteens puzzy Aphrodite pictures preteens butts to Athens.I know dad's people do this kind of thing for bridge designing and construction but they also use computers. Stavors just seamed to do it right from his head. I was fascinated by the process and before long was asking enough questions, that he invited me to join him, while the others went altbinaries preteen models off preteen art portals to their classes. That is when he told me how he and Thanos, oversaw the construction of two new cruse ships, Papas lines had just commissioned.When I told him who my dad was, he almost shit. Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, he did know who dad was and how famous he and his firm are, for organizing as well as designing such complex projects as large bridges. Anyway, he seamed to have everything organized down to the minuet. That is when I saw preteen feet play Sheila O'Keef and Judge Carter's names, showing preteen lolta models flight numbers and arrival times. Stavors didn't say anything, he just smiled, as I gave out one hell of a war hoop.Stavors had me make a list of preteen model candid all the guests, showing who were couples and who were singles or children or russ a preteen what ever. While I copied this, he kept diagraming. When I got the list ready he added a few more names to it, that were not specified on the big diagrams.Just before lunch, he called the chef in, so he could get started preteen hot bbs on menus and quantity estimations. When Kos arrived, he had that "shit eating grin of satisfaction", on his face. The preteen mofels one he gets, when he puts one over on me. Well I guess he did this time. When Photois, Max and Seb came in they too let out some cheer, telling me that Jytte and Bjorn, Photois' Danish girlfriend and their deaf buddy, were also attending.When Anglos and Thanos came in, after lunch, he informed us, Stavors young forbidden preteen and me, that in addition to Sheila and Judge Carter, the Adonis clan of 10 were arriving on the Adonis' Challenger. Stavors just said, "if you keep this up we will be three to a bed."Thanos instructed Angelo to order more air beds preteen panties hairless and a couple gross of condoms.""Are you and Sheila, you know, intimate yet, Red," Thanos asked me. I know I blushed bright red, as usual."Not yet, but one can always hope, why?""Stavors needs to know for room assignments. Photois and Jytte, Drew Henderson and Sandra Johnson are couples, Jason and Eve Adonis, you parents and several others promiscuous preteen need their own rooms. We will be reorganizing for a few days." I think I must have looked puzzled or worried.Stavors assured me, "we have 5 sail boats and two cabin cursers free, don't worry buddy, a love nest is always available for you." free preteen erotica Now I know I blushed bright red, so bright in fact, Anglos asked if I need Dr. Dem."You know Red, preteen models perverted their is an old story, if a would be lover took flowers to the temple of Aphrodite, seeking her assistance, she might just ask her son or perhaps only attendant, Eros, the god of sexual love, you know, give a little help. Ah but no temple is handy, however their is a lovely sculpture, a rather erotic one, of Eros on the creamed preteen patio." Thanos gave me several kisses and hugs.Later that day, Thanos held a big meeting of all the islands residents. He presented the plan that Stavors and I worked out. ukrainian hairless preteens Mostly Stavors but I did help and I made all the lists.He instructed that, any and all porn should be hidden away. While we have visitors we must be discrete with our physical interactions, this and Dem's nieces and the brother's half sisters, should be treated as visiting princesses. All the adult female visitors. should be given the same level or respect as the grandmothers, who by the way, will also be attending. In addition, guests would be served and the island's boys, will be doing the serving.We would all be expected to keep our clothing on in public and no nude swimming, unless we were sure no ladies or girls were present."I expect my sons, to be the gentlemen you have all been trained to banned preteen galleries be."Dem spoke next. "We will also have a large group of Papas, Olympic Airways and Adonis Diamond security people here. That will mean uniforms, when on security duty; sorry about that, lets show them how it is done here.Everyone except, the National Museum and University of Athens people, modles preteen will be arriving by Saturday. Monday will be the official day, with those visitors arriving in the morning and departing in the early afternoon. Everyone else, more or less, preteen pussy japanese leaves on Tuesday."Thanos instructed, "On Monday, we will meet the aircraft from Athens. Except for Kos and Russ who will accompany their parents, each of you will be assigned to a visitor, except Photois who will take pictures and Yannie, who will assist Professor Albrech and the graduate students, i.e. you are the press officers. All of us, including Kos and Russ, will be dressed in our formal, summer, Aphrodite crew uniforms."Kon whispered to me, that he would see we were issued the stuff before the due time. All during this we had been playing crotch tag. I figured he would give me a personal nude preteen guide fitting. Something I was more than interested in having.Kon was the most masterful boy I had ever encountered. He had me begging for his continued attention in minutes. Kos and Eric are good, no doubt about that. The other boys fee preteen pics and men, I have encountered in the past year, were mostly all, more than competent but Kon, he was a master.His penis is long like his legs and his scrotum hangs low and is large. Like all this brothers, he is clean shaven, no body hair except for his head and eyebrows. I'm like that too. Kon has the ability to focus his attention better then any other boy or man I have encountered. I think that is part of his secret. I thought at first, the large difference in our size would be difficult but it was not in the least. He seamed to use his exceedingly long legs to advantage. His ass is small and very round and he obviously preteen girls tits enjoyed my hands kneading his taunt flesh. All the Papas boys have excellent oral skills. Kon must be their teacher. He took my stiff penis completely in, on first encounter held it in his throat, for what seamed like a long time, letting his larynx ripple over my sensitive heard. I just about lost it at that point. Without taking his mouth away or his long index finger out of my anus, he swung his long legs around. Lifted the upper one up, bending his knee and thrust his erection, almost directly into my open mouth. Lifting his hips up slightly, using his bent leg as a lever, his ass cheeks parted and his anus opened, just enough to allow my fingers easy entry. I japan preteen 16 was in boy heaven and from the sounds he was making, so was he.Later as we lay together enjoying a short refractory, a prelude to some serious, ass pounding fucking, we kiss and talked. Kon had never had much of any interaction with girls. Oh sure, social stuff but never any kind of intimacy or passion. He confided, that the only brother so far, to have experienced loita sex preteen a female lover, was Photois. I told him about Sheila, since I think, that was probably what he wanted to know. He asked me all kinds of questions, which I tried to answer, not that I am all that experienced but Sheila and I have been kind of going together for almost a year now and I know she truly likes me. I like her too. He told me he hoped to meet some girls in Athens, during their winter stay but the grandmothers seamed to keep a lid on them. I suggested he confide his desire to the grandfathers.For our next round, Kon lay on his back and pre teen beastiality lifted his long legs up, bending them at the knee and digging his heals into the bed. I squatted over his erection and he guided me down, until impaled. pussy preteen galery I like this boy superior position, one Kos and I don't do enough. Anyway, once seated top 100preteen on his penis, he eased me backward until my back rested against sex und preteens his long legs. Then with one hand on my penis and the other roaming over my front, he began flexing his hips to produce short strokes, that made full contact with my prostrate. In no time at all, my head was angled back and my mouth was hanging open. Spiros and Kos noticed and before long Spiros was gently fucking my mouth and Kos, on his knees was pressing his long hard cock, in Kon's mouth. I guess this is brotherly love and man, I'll take all I can get of it too.The next day we began making things ready. All the porn was hidden away. Computer screen savers were altered, photos replaced and so on. In the Greek bath, holiday preteen nude folding doors now isolated the little alter and several posters of nude or almost nude, preteen flowers very nubile women and girls, covered the most risqué frescos and some of the blank areas, like the folding doors.After preteens nude net lunch and a nice swim, we all assembled on the patio for some refreshments and the preteen nude cunt cool breezes from the blue water. This patio is something else, like everything on the island.Between the quay and the house, is an extensive terrace tiukka preteen with chairs and tables, potted plants and umbrellas and the like. A line of flag poles, with flags flying, marked the division between the quay and the terrace. The terrace is about eight steps higher then the quay. preteen oriental girls The flags flying were the blue and white Greek national, in the center. The pennant of the Papas Shipping Lines on the right, a large one with a blue field and an island in white in the middle and columbian model preteen the words Paidi Nisi in black letters, on the bottom. Further to the right was another flag. This one was also blue, with a sweet horney preteens white dove on it. That is Aphrodite's standard. To the far left, is filiphina preteen another flag, teenie preteen anal again blue with a green laurel crown and a white tripod, signified Apollo.Several sculptures are placed around the terrace, one is Eros. Kos told me, "this is a modern work, in white marble, based on, but not a copy of, the classical style". He is depicted, as a life sized, 1.8 m (6') young man or older boy, broad of shoulder, thick of breast, narrow of waste and hips, with full thighs and well formed calves. His legs are long and his butt is moderate, with little hollows on each cheek. The head has a small nose, full mouth, large wide set eyes, with a moderate forehead and shoulder length hair. His chin has a small cleft and his cheeks dimples. The god is naked and very well endowed, but not to well. The ancients thought being to well endowed was gross, in statues that is. (see notes and comments below)While the boys enjoyed their cool drinks and socialized, their regular history tutor appeared. He had arrived earlier in the day on a special flight from Athens. His teaching methods are rather Socratic in style and often involved long and convoluted stories. He has a habit to making any situation, where all the students are together, into some kind of learning experience. He was greeted warmly and introduced to Kos and Russell.The history tutor's name is Dr. Panagiotis Arkenis or Takis for short. He is an average sized man preteen fuck portal with dark hair and complexion. He has brown eyes and a large nose for his overall face. His smile is wide and his hair is quite curly and almost wild. He has thick brown eyebrows that set off a twinkle in his eyes. Takis loves to talk and is an accomplished story teller. He immediately sat close to horny xxx preteens Russ preteen xxx rape and Kos engaging them in conversation."Professor Arkenis perhaps you can give me some guidance," Russ asked?"I will surly try."Earlier today Thanos suggested I seek some help finnish preteens from Aphrodite but we have no temple. He said, "You know Red, their is an old story, that if a would be lover took flowers to the temple of Aphrodite, seeking her assistance, she might just ask her son or perhaps only attendant Eros, the god of sexual love, you know, give a little help. Ah but no temple is handy, however their is a lovely sculpture, a rather erotic one, of Eros on the patio." Russ pointed to the statue."Well let me see. I don't know for sure but why would one necessarily need a temple. Except for some, but certainly not all of Apollo's temples were associated with oracles, I don't believe they had any special significance except locations. Yes, I take it the object maxwell nn preteens of your desire is to arrive with the other guests this weekend?""Yes, sir her name is Sheila." Kos was desperately attempting not to laugh, as were Spiros and Yannie. Seb could see Red's concern and immediately moved in to render assistance."Well Russell," Takis said, "I think any place believers gather together constitutes a temple. Since we have just that here, and a fine statue representing Eros and all of us believe in love, I would say you are in luck. I can't say I know as much about the procedures as your mother would but if Thanos suggested flowers. I would suggest you gather some flowers and hang them on that statue." Fortunately the statue was a good distance away. Seb immediately took Russ' hand and lead him away."I know where we can get some great flowers, Red." When they were out of ear shot of the others he added, info nude preteen "I don't know if Eros speaks English, so if you tell me what to say, I'll translate it." Russ was very happy and squeezed Seb's hand hard, to indicate his agreement and thanking him for the support. If Eros does not speak English, he probably doesn't speak modern Greek either. Something neither boy thought of.Seb showed Russ where the wild flowers grew in abundance and together they picked a small bouquet. When they returned to the group, Takis suggested everyone gather around so he could tell them about Ganymede and what he thought the significance of the shrine was................................... Here are my notes and some thoughts on this stuff, I edited out of the text. indian preteen girls If you are interested please read on. dnrock[Your author thinks, they didn't want the works of art, to make the citizens viewing them, feel inadequate. He thinks this because, the old Greeks were the first peoples to explore man as the center of artistic focus. They celebrated the human form and the humanity of their society, not deities or abstract ideas. They may have chosen to represent gods and mythical heroes but in the from of mortals. In the later classical period, athletes and others were preteen bikini supermodels celebrated and represented as well.][Eros (EER-oss or AIR-oss) god of love. Later writers portrayed Eros as a roguish boy, but he was actually one of rika preteen model the most venerable of deities. According to Hesiod, Chaos was born first, and after Chaos, Earth, Tartarus and Eros. Pausanias says that Eros is commonly considered to be the son of Aphrodite, but elsewhere he describes a sculpture of Eros greeting the goddess as she is born from the sea. Eros is depicted in Greek art, as a beautiful youth.][Another is Hermes, the messenger god. This too is classical in style, naked and a fine masculine depiction. The sculpture had taken a few elements from the Romans, such as landing on one winged foot and stunning girls preteen a strange hat.HERMES (HUR-meez) the messenger of the gods and guide of dead souls to the Underworld. A prankster and inventive genius from birth. Hermes was known for his helpfulness to mankind, both in his capacity as immortal herald and on his pedofilia preteen teen own initiative. He had magic sandals, which conferred upon the wearer the ability to fly and a helmet of invisibility as well. Also known as the helmet of darkness. Hermes' symbol of nude preteenie office as divine messenger was his staff, or caduceus. This was originally a willow wand with entwined ribbons, traditional badge of the herald. But the ribbons were eventually depicted as snakes. It was Hermes' job to convey dead souls to the Underworld. And as patron of travelers, he was often shown in a wide-brimmed sun hat of straw. His most famous depiction, a statue by Bellini, shows him alight on one foot, wings at his heels, the snaky caduceus in hand and, on his head, a rather stylized combination helmet-of-darkness and sun hat.][Erichthonius, the first to ever harness four horses to a chariot, was the richest of mortal men. He had a son named Tros, lord of the Trojans, and to him in turn were born three unblemished boys: Ilus founder of Ilium, Assaracus, and god-like Ganymede -- the handsomest ever born of the human race. Tros loved Ganymede from the bottom of his heart and set guardians and tutors to watch over him as he wrestled, or rode to the hounds, or swam through the crashing, dragging breakers of the warm Mediterranean.One day, looking down from his throne on Mount Olympus, Zeus spied Ganymede up in the meadows of Mount Ida, chilling with his friends under the watchful gaze of his aged tutors. Instantly, the King of Heaven flamed with love for asian preteen movies the young Trojan's thighs. Old Zeus was a rather lusty fellow as we know. Zeus shook himself once and turned into a powerful eagle. Straight-away he swooped down upon the preteen link free world of men. young porn preteens Casting shafts of lightning every which way, he whipped up a fierce tempest turning day into night. Under cover of the storm the majestic eagle pounced and tenderly seized the boy in his talons. The aged guardians reached out to stop him, the hounds barked madly. Paying them no heed, the god and the boy rose up higher and higher and vanished into the blue.In the blink of an eye the two arrived in Olympus. The eagle folded his wings, shook himself once and turned back into a god. He took Ganymede to bed and then appointed him cup bearer. But to make room for him, Zeus had to chase away Hebe, Hera's daughter and his, who served the drinks at the divine feasts. Clumsy, he called her, claiming she once stumbled. Hera saw it all and went insane with rage and jealousy.All the other gods rejoiced to have Ganymede among them, for his beauty filled them with delight. Well naked preteen bathroom we know they were a lusty bunch as well. And Ganymede thought pouring nectar to the immortals was mad cool, and when he filled his lover's cup he made sure to press his lips to it first, giving it half a twist as he placed it in Zeus' hand.Back on Earth, Tros' heart was filled with cruel sorrow, not knowing where the divine tempest pre teenie pics had taken his son. He cried endless tears. Even Zeus was moved by his pain. He knew the pain when one we love is taken form us. Zeus sent down Hermes his messenger, who nude preteen virgins let Tros know the boy was now among the gods, immortal and forever young. Zeus gave Tros, in exchange for his son, a pair of white prancing mares, deathless and able to walk on water, the very same that carry preteen bikini portal the immortals. Tros' heart was filled with joy and he drove his new horses as fast as the wind.Hera, besides herself, vented her rage by destroying the Trojans. She was jealous. But Zeus, grateful for Ganymede's love, made a place for him among the stars as Aquarius -- the Water Bearer. There he still stands, smiling, pouring nectar and shielded to this day by the wing of the preteen model foto Eagle constellation.]The history tutor is speaking: "These Greek myths, are based quite closely on ancient fragments. The sources range from poets, to historians, to playwrights and early Christian polemicists. Thus the form of the stories should be seen as a late ones, incorporating, in many cases, Roman sensibilities. It is not always nude asian preteen easy to identify some of these later influences but we try.Of course there has never been any one "true" version, of any of these stories, as they were told and retold over a span of at least two thousand years, across a region of three continents, from the Black Sea to the shores of North Africa; an area now occupied by such countries as Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Italy and others. preteen ls pictures Nonetheless, the myths collectively reflect a world view, in which male love was wholly compatible with living life in a sacred way, a path to heroism and divinity. At least as the ancients saw it."(Taken largely from:"I think we need to review for Kosmos and Russell my lectures on Crete, for it is thought by some, the Ganymede story resulted from Minos, to justify his population control efforts.[On the other hand, one of erotic preteen nudes the myths explaining the origin of pederasty has it that Minos, the king of Crete, introduced it to avoid overpopulation of his island. That custom, in the form of a traditional rite of passage, is also the earliest form of pederasty that is historically documented, in a text of Ephorus of Kyme.The lover announces to his friends his decision to perform the abduction, three or four days before. Now it would be disgraceful to hide the preteen nude top boy or to forbid him to go the appointed road, because this would mean that he did not deserve such a lover. Then when they have met and the lover takes rank with the boy or even ranks above him, they pursue shocking preteen handjobs the abductor only out of tradition to keep up appearances, in fact they let him go delightedly. Still they pursue him until he has brought the boy into preteen ukrain gay his house. But if the lover is not of equal rank, they wrench the boy from him forcibly. As you see it was partly game and partly ceremonial. He who excels in beauty is regarded as less desirable than he who distinguishes himself by valor and virtue. The nymphets preteen models boy receives a present from his friend, and the latter takes him to where he wants to have him. The witnesses to the abduction go with them; then follows a festive dinner, after forbidden preteen drawings which they return to town. Two months later the boy is sent home, with rich presents. (Three traditional presents made up the symbolic foundation of the boy's entry into adult life: a suit of armor symbolizing martial accomplishment, a bull symbolizing the responsibilities of working the land, and a cup, symbolizing divine inebriation as the path to the accomplishments of the spirit.) Besides these there were many other valuable gifts, so that the friends too may have their pleasure. Upon his return the young man sacrificed the bull to Zeus and treated his friends to a feast. At shy preteen porn the same asain preteen lesbain time he had indian preteen pics to answer the ritual question of whether he liked the relationship with his abductor or not, a tradition which presumably served as further restraint on those preteen whores pictures lovers prone to take advantage of their position.The Greek Dorian tribes, such as the Spartans, preteens models blog had similar traditions, though details varied from one state to another. The underlying idea remained the same, though: that the adult lover had to give the adolescent beloved a piece of his own heart, so to speak, transferring his own areté, meaning all that was good and noble in him, to facilitate the youth's passage into manhood. The bond that was formed by these relationships often lasted beyond the end of the youth's formal education. Sometimes the older man remained responsible for russian girls preteens his pupil until the latter reached marriageable age, about thirty. Remember on Crete the couple united for life and only a few were allowed to father children.The power of love that was used to preteen fucking toplist such good effect to educate Greek youths also served to sharpen their motivation, preteen litle model and that of their lovers, in battle. The bravery of male couples, such as those that made young preteen kissing up the Theban Sacred Band, was well known throughout ancient Greece and was an important factor in war. Pederastic couples were also known as tyrannicides, killers of tyrants, in that they often were the first to rise up against despots. Harmodius and his erastes, Aristogiton, were perhaps the best known of those couples.Based largely on a part of:]"I know that is cute preteen toplist much abbreviated and the cup has not yet been discussed. In the Ceretion ceremony a decorated cup played a very important role. That cup in Ganymede's hands is just that, highly decorated with the same symbols and not a standard cup or mug at all. That is what makes professor Albrech and I believe this statue has some Ceretion connections, not to mention our geographic relationship. We are sure, the purpose of this site is related to the fundamental ideas of peadistary, in ancient Greek society. While the details varied from city state to city state, the ideals and ideas were consistent."
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